#RealTalk ladies! Sex isn’t just sex, y’all be terrified if you knew how much power sex has when it comes to spirituality and if not physically. Stay in your lane and no sex until marriage, it’s hard but it’s worth it. A real man knows that your purity and worth cost wayyyyyy much more than a ‘one night stand’ some flowers and chocolate or the pleasure of sex. I don’t care if y’all been together for 2 days or 6 months, no boyfriend deserves husband benefits. If he loves you then he sure will wait because he would more than gladly put a ring on you. Sex won’t make him stay with you forever, he probably gonna dump you right after the sex. So he either COMMIT or lust. #NoWedNoSex — and girls don’t lie, you want a guy that would do anything for you, a guy that would go out of his way just to make you happy. But don’t expect a faithful guy if you won’t meet the standards yourself. True love ain’t selfish, true love is SELFLESS.💕 #HighHeelsAndHighStandards

So #ModestyMonday is back.. In written form not video.. Still trying to balance this thingy between videos and blogging😂 check out the link in bio😁 excited for this. Modesty is so important and such a big topic, the Bible talks little about it but I want to go deeper in why, what and how and also share it with you girls so stay tuned on the blog👍 might be late but I recommend @reyswimwear for cute and nice swimwear for the summer it’s a Christian swimwear boutique thing by actress Jessica Rey! and also type in Modesty on youtube and you’ll see her research and other awesome videos on tips on modesty👍💓 #StayClassy #ReflectChrist #AllForHim (ved www.Godsgirls97.blogg.no)

Just a friendly reminder that we’re not created to follow other people.
Each and one of us are handed a life, this means that my life isn’t your life and your life isn’t my life.
In fact my life is not even my life, it’s Gods life.
This means that sometimes you need to let go of people that might drag you into the wrong path of life or letting go of a really dear person.
It’s time for you to go further in life without each other.
Some people can’t stay in your life forever cause they have already served their purpose in your life.
Learned this in the hard way a couple weeks ago.
God always have better things ahead🌟
We might not understand why certain people leave right away but when you look back, you see that God was doing it for your own good.
And it’s okay to be angry, it’s okay to cry out and if I’m honest I’ve cried out for months. Letting go is hard, changing is painful, moving is hard, but God has something way better.
“there may be pain in the nights, but joy comes in the morning” Psalm 30:5🌟
It’s time to move in life with what God has for you in life💡 (ved www.Godsgirls97.blogg.no)