Just a friendly reminder that we’re not created to follow other people.
Each and one of us are handed a life, this means that my life isn’t your life and your life isn’t my life.
In fact my life is not even my life, it’s Gods life.
This means that sometimes you need to let go of people that might drag you into the wrong path of life or letting go of a really dear person.
It’s time for you to go further in life without each other.
Some people can’t stay in your life forever cause they have already served their purpose in your life.
Learned this in the hard way a couple weeks ago.
God always have better things ahead🌟
We might not understand why certain people leave right away but when you look back, you see that God was doing it for your own good.
And it’s okay to be angry, it’s okay to cry out and if I’m honest I’ve cried out for months. Letting go is hard, changing is painful, moving is hard, but God has something way better.
“there may be pain in the nights, but joy comes in the morning” Psalm 30:5🌟
It’s time to move in life with what God has for you in life💡 (ved www.Godsgirls97.blogg.no)

Anonymous: Any suggestion what to write in a bible that you'll give your friend? :)


I’m terrible with that… Maybe your favorite verse or a list of your favorite chapters? 

Or - Enjoy! - ?

Maybe someone else has a suggestion. 

What about..

Dear beloved _______.
I wanted to give you this Bible because I noticed you didn’t have one/you didn’t understand your old one (or just fill in why you wanted you to give the Bible).
I hope you find this encouraging and pick it up as often you can, there’s a lot of wisdom you can get from here.
May this Bible help you come closer to The Lord and feel free in His presence.
By the way I suggest you read 1 Timothy 4;12 & Psalms 91:11-12 as a greeting to you.
God bless you and have a lovely day!
Love _________

I hope that helped ;)

I don’t think that we can ever fully understand Gods love for us.
We can experience it.
We can feel it (a amount of it).
We can get a glimpse of it.
We can learn it.
We can know it.
But we can never fully understand it.
It’s wild, reckless, relentless, these words can’t even describe His great love for us.
I mean we can experience His love and our life would be turned upside down.
But we if we actually fully understood it, our life’s would be like it was meant to be.
But since we can’t fully understand, we are on a journey.. Discovering His great love for us while it changes us radically.💕 hopefully we are getting closer to Him everyday.. Can’t forget to keep in mind that.. “Narrow is the gate that leads to life but the path is also even more narrow”👣#CrazyLove #StillLearning #NoteToSelf (ved www.Godsgirls97.blogg.no)